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       I am a Graphical Designer, a Blogger and an avid researcher. Am a sort of 'tech savvy' though the word 'computer savvy' seems to be more appropriate.But not definitely a shrewd who is a geek. Am I right, guys?
       Talking about my character, am a bit left-liberal in thoughts and have an observation that 'There is more to life than spinning around in a circle'. My life has been a balance between these two.

Check out my blogs at http://blogjakes.com & http://wirelessmash.com

Name : Anoop Jacob
Nicknames : Anu, Jakes
Age         : 24                  DOB : 20-04-1988
Father      : M J Jacob       Mother : Thelma Basil
Nativity    : Calicut, Kerala Nationality : Indian Education : Masters in Wireless Networks and Applications
Hobbies   : Bird Watching, Reading, Playing Cricket
Areas of Interest : Wireless Networks, Linux,                          Web Designing, Image Processing

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Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.
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